Cougarand daughter for sale

COUGARAND, 1986 champagne stallion, represents that magic cross of PEPPY SAN BADGER on a DOC BAR daughter, a superb blending of bloodlines that will never be out of style. PEPPY SAN BADGER currently is the #3 ranked cutting horse sire as well as the #3 paternal and maternal grandsire. Talk about consistency! And DOC BAR continues to reign as the #1 leading paternal grandsire with his grand-get leaving their indelible hoof prints on the history of not only cutting but DOC BAR has impacted to a significant degree the world of the reined cowhorse and reiners as well.

COUGARAND has his NCHA Certificate of Ability and is the sire of cutting, reining and ranch horse winners such as DOC COUGARAND who has the NCHA COA as well as AQHA Open and Amateur ROMs. He is the sire of COUGARAND COMMAND who was the 1995 Congress Non-Pro Reining Futurity Champion and a 1995 NHRA Non-Pro Futurity Finalist. COUGARAND is also the sire of BLUE EYED COUGAR, the AQHA Cowboy Ranch Horse Champion and COUGARANDA, the 1994 World Champion Palomino Reining Champion and the 1994 Dixie Nationals Reining Champion.

But what really makes COUGARAND special is his color. He carries the fairly new, scientifically identified, rare champagne gene. In his case he is what is known as a "gold champagne." These horses demand your attention. Their coats have a lustrous metallic sheen to them and sometimes with reversed dappling. Horses that carry the champagne gene have many other different color characteristics that make them unique and I would be happy to discuss these further with anyone. But briefly, there are several variations of the champagne gene. A "gold champagne" is the term used to describe a chestnut with the champagne gene and is similar to what one would call a palomino. The champagne gene on a bay produces an "amber champagne," similar to a buckskin, and a "classic champagne" is a black horse with the champagne gene and similar to what is known as a grulla. This script just can't describe the beauty and uniqueness of a horse carrying the champagne gene. I have always been attracted to horses with color and with COUGARAND, not only does he represent top cutting horse lines but he has the added bonus of having a shimmering gold champagne color. COUGARAND crossed on my mare CLOUDY GO LIGHTLY will hopefully produce a gold champagne who will stand out among others, be it in the cutting pen, going down the fence in a reined cowhorse competition or flowing through a reining pattern. The champagne horse world is emerging. Be a part of it!

Performance Record

NCHA Certificate of Ability
1996 NCHA Area 9 $3,000 Novice Horse Champion
1996 NTCHA $3,000 Novice Horse Champion
1996 NTCHA High-Point Horse

Owned by and photos courtesy of Bob & Glory Ann Kurtz


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